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I firmly believe that the simplest of actions can make a huge impact on someone else. It gives a deeper appreciation of what I have and is reminder of what really matters in life.

– Tracey Gill

Trainee of the year finalist Tracey Gill 2023

Tracey, an adult trainee, is a finalist for Trainee of the Year. She is not only a dedicated volunteer but also a cancer survivor, making her a true inspiration. However, the different experiences Tracey has experienced in life she is always smiling and laughing.


Above all despite facing life’s challenges, Tracey continues to grow and thrive as part of our community. Therefore, Join us in celebrating her remarkable journey and let her resilience, determination, and unwavering spirit inspire you.

Interview Q & A

I am extremely proud and honoured to be representing SGT at the SA Training Awards as Trainee of the Year. I really challenged myself personally with the application process which has really helped me grow in confidence. I am thankful for SGT giving me the opportunity to follow my new career pathway.

A traineeship allows you to gain a nationally accredited qualification with an added advantage of working whilst you are studying. We can make the traineeship time frame flexible to suit the trainee and ensure a healthy work-life balance. The qualification is a great steppingstone to further knowledge and skills and can open many pathways in the future.

I am extremely fortunate to have the full support of SGT throughout my traineeship journey. From the start of my employment as a payroll officer, I felt appreciated, respected, and important part of the team.  

The benefits of a mature age learner was having the ability of my prior knowledge from previous employment. I found this was a huge advantage as I could apply my prior learning to my traineeship. My experiences motivated me to stay focused and dedicated to achieving my goals.

I had two main challenges: managing my job at SGT and my traineeship. My goal was to finish all the units within 12 months. My determination to stay on track and set myself a target to achieve completion was essential regardless of the extra workload.

My life experiences have taught me when I am committed to something I need to give 100%. This was a big part of my life as I had many obstacles to overcome over the years.

Saying “I can do this” during my breast cancer journey made me feel strong and brave. It was a big step for me. This I then applied to raising money for the Cancer Council SA with the Relay for Life over many years.  

I think I’ve not only changed my career, but also become a more grounded and transformed version of myself. I pushed myself to try new things and now I can develop in my personal and work life. Finishing my VET qualification made me proud and confident to continue my studies.