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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

FAQs for Apprentices & Trainees

Q. If  Statewide (SGT) employs me  who is responsible for me?

A. Statewide is your legal employer.


Q. If my host no longer has work what happens to me?

A. Statewide find you a new suitable host employer &/or arrange training where applicable.


Q. What Government support can I get for doing an apprenticeship?

A. You may be eligible for the trade support loan and other various Government incentives.


Q. How does an  Apprenticeship or Traineeship help my career?

A. Doing an  Apprenticeship or Traineeship is beneficial as you learn while you earn in  the industry.  When doing an Apprenticeship or Traineeship your training is paid for  from your employer and you end up with a Nationally Recognised Qualification.


FAQs for Host Employers

Q.  What is a GTO?

A. GTOs are Group Training Organisations – They recruit and employ apprentices and trainees, place them with businesses (host employers) who provide them with work and on the job training.


Q. How is a GTO value for money?

A. GTOs provide specialist recruitment services, workplace supervision and mentoring support; take on legal and administrative employer obligations; and generate improved completion outcomes; at a price that generally reflects typical employee on-costs.


Q. What services does Statewide Group Training give to host employers?

A. We engage with schools, employment services, career programs giving access to a larger pool of prepared candidates.

Provide WHS, human resources, supervision, training & mentoring support.

Work with RTOs to ensure training is fit-for-purpose

Support apprentices/trainees to complete off the job training

Ensure compliant workplace conditions (safety, pay etc)

GTO takes on payroll, WHS & regulatory obligations

Host hand-back guarantee

Continuity of employment for apprentices and trainees.

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