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By joining Statewide Apprenticeships, you are taking the first step towards a successful career. Our program helps you gain practical experience in your chosen field with support and guidance. Whether you dream of becoming a skilled tradesperson or want to explore a specific industry, we have a wide range of apprenticeship opportunities available.



As an apprentice or trainee with Statewide Apprenticeships, you will have the opportunity to work with our network of reputable Host Employers. These businesses have partnered with us to provide you with real-world training and mentorship. You will be able to apply the knowledge and skills you learn in a practical setting, gaining valuable experience that will set you apart in the job market.



One of the key benefits of our program is that you will remain an employee of Statewide Apprenticeships throughout your apprenticeship or traineeship. This means that you will receive ongoing support from our dedicated team, who will be there to assist you with any challenges or concerns you may have. We understand that starting a new career can be daunting, but with Statewide Apprenticeships, you will never be alone on your journey.



Our goal is to help you succeed, which is why we offer a comprehensive range of training and development opportunities. From industry-specific courses to personal and professional development workshops, we are committed to equipping you with the skills and knowledge you need to thrive in your chosen field. We believe that education is a lifelong journey, and we are here to support you every step of the way.


If you are ready to kickstart your career and gain valuable experience in your desired industry, look no further than Statewide Apprenticeships. Join our program today and unlock a world of opportunities. Together, we can help you achieve your goals and build a successful future.

Apprenticeships & Traineeships

  • Diesel and Motor Mechanics
  • Panel Beater
  • Tiler
  • Plumber/Gasfitter
  • Electronic Tradesperson
  • Chef
  • Refrigeration Mechanic
  • Auto Electrician
  • Sheet Metal Worker
  • Horticulturist
  • Carpenter/Joiner
  • Frontline Management
  • Meat Processing
  • Financial Institutions
  • Information Technology
  • Electrical Mechanics
  • Boilermaker/Welder
  • Bricklayer
  • Cabinet Maker
  • Farmer
  • Aged Carers
  • Spray Painter
  • Electrical Fitter
  • Fitter/Turner
  • Painter/Decorator
  • Office Administration
  • Butchery
  • Retail
  • Office Administration
  • Hospitality

Don’t see anything that interest you? We can find vacancies that will accommodate your interest.

What's in it for me?

  • Great career opportunities
  • Nationally Recognised Qualifications
  • Wages direct to your bank weekly
  • Safety and security
  • Training for professional qualifications
  • Learning on the job
  • Secure entitlements
  • Recognition of achievement
  • Your own Mentor for ongoing support
  • Opportunities for workplace rotation if needed to ensure you receive all the skills and training under the Qualification

Workplace Safety and Personal Protective Equipment

Statewide Apprenticeships has a total commitment to workplace safety and will provide regular guidance and support to ensure your safety and well-being.

Statewide provides a range of personal protective equipment (PPE) to Apprentices and Trainees. Items can include work attire, safety boots or shoes, safety glasses, earmuffs, ear plugs, gloves, sun hats, sun screen etc.

Additional safety equipment may be provided if it is a requirement of the job.