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Southside Construction & Carpentry Services

Reece Jolly is the host at Southside Construction; he has been with Statewide Apprenticeships since 2021.

Southside Construction do a lot of insurance work, which means the apprentices are exposed to a lot of different scenarios  and problem-solving situations.


Southside Construction have three Apprentices with Statewide Apprenticeships.

Jarrod Zidov is a second year apprentice doing Carpentry Apprenticeship. He is very keen and enthusiastic young man that is improving all the time. With guidance from a great tradesman like Isaac Lallard. 


Renny Vincent is a second-year adult Apprentice who is doing very well and loves to do the hard work.

Harry Pope is a first-year school-based apprentice, who is doing very well and learning fast


We look forward to watching the Apprentices grow further at Southside Construction.