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Adelaide Hills Toyota

Adelaide Hills Toyota has been a loyal host for Statewide Group Training since 2003.  Adelaide Hills Toyota is a very busy dealership in the Hills region. They have always been a great host giving locals opportunity to start in as school based, they then transition slowly into the workforce. Once ready they then are able to transition into full time work.


Mark Barron is the service manager, he is very easy going and very accommodating.  Mark Barron has always gone above and beyond! He always makes sure the apprentices always get the best and most out of the opportunity.


Adelaide Hills Toyota has been an amazing host employer,  given countless people opportunity to follow their dreams in becoming light vehicle mechanics.


Adelaide Hills Toyota has five Apprentices all at different various stages, some are school based.

Thomas Phillips is a fourth year apprentice, he as developed into a great light vehicle mechanic.

Nicholas Wenham is a first year apprentice, who has only recently joined the team and is improving all the time.

Angus Harris is a school base apprentice and he is a first year doing 2 days a week while completing his year 12 this year

Jaiden Braendler started as a school based apprentice 05/07/2021 and then went full time 10/01/2022. He is now a 2nd year apprentice

 Hayden Kuchel started as a school based apprentice 24/02/2021 and then went full time 19/07/2021. He is now a 2nd year apprentice


We look forward to watching the journey of our Apprentices at Adelaide Hills Toyota!

Pictured: Jaiden Braendler, Thomas Phillips, Nicholas Wenham & Hayden Kuchel